Acharya Himanshu Maheshwari Ji has undergone a successful study of the Kaal Chakra which has enabled him to have a deep and accurate insight in preparing horoscopes. He is also known to prepare accurate Janam Patris and can scientifically calculate the positive and negative events that are going to take place in one’s life. Besides calculating them, he also provides effective solutions for negating all the problems that will occur in one’s life and will, in turn, hamper the person’s peace and happiness. Acharya Ji is also known to provide effective remedies and cure by performing pujas and yajnas for different diseases and disorders which the medical science had failed to cure.


The name of Acharya Himanshu Maheshwari Ji is well known in the world of Astrology and his clientele is worldwide. Astrology includes the planets of the solar system which either has a positive or a negative effect on the people and their nature as well as on Earth. Being a combination of science and art, it is a philosophy in itself. The accurate predictions made by Acharya Ji are based on deep observation, study and practice. With this power, he can not only forecast the future events in one’s life but can also reveal one’s past life, his hidden secrets, elements and fears and provide solutions for the same.


According to the science of astrology, the planets and the zodiac signs are known to rule over the organs as well as the diseases that take place in different organs.  Besides preparing the horoscopes and the janam patris with the help of the birth time, date place etc. the major medical conditions that are treated by Acharya Ji are brain stroke, heart attack, and issues with kidney, diabetes and much more. According to him, the brain and the nerves are ruled by Uranus and Mercury while the heart is governed by the Sun. The veins are governed by Saturn while the arteries by Mars. Venus rules the kidneys. Every part of our body along with the organs is governed by some planets or the zodiac signs. While most of the rulerships seem like dogmas but Acharya Ji helps his clients to grasp them and perceive them through logic, reason, and science. And once the underlying logical pattern is revealed to the people, they try to understand the points that Himanshu Ji explains and acts accordingly to prevent the diseases and disorders from causing much harm to their body.

One will have to understand the basic principles and the fundamental laws of the discipline for understanding how Acharya Ji will be providing the accurate and expert help for all the medical issues. He is also an exceptional palmist and has the capability of foretelling the future accurately by reading the lines present on the palms. He is always present to make all the predictions for one’s future through the lines on his palm and the predictions include his health, compatibility with his partner, love relations, jobs, and careers etc. He has got a long a proven track record of helping his clients successfully along with full recovery. Being a qualified professional he guarantees success and recovery and also helps in maximizing the self-potential in one so that he can reshape his life.

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