Astrology has stood the test of time ever since this divine knowledge was introduced by Bhrigu, the great sage of all times. This study has got the potential of forecasting the future events that are highly influenced by the planets of the solar system. Besides predicting the future events of our lives, astrology is also a great tool that is used by a learned and experienced astrologer to look into our lives and calculate the form of suffering that we are likely to suffer from. But for that, the astrologer performing the same calculations should be a medical expert, else he will not be able to name the particular disease or disorder that one is likely to suffer from. But the astrologer will be surely able to pinpoint the organ or the system of the human body that is going to be seriously affected.

6th House: The House of Sickness and Disease

All the adversities and the negative happenings along with the sickness, disease etc. are all mentioned in the 6th house. But that is not all. It is important to check the 6th house from Sun and Moon along with the house where the Lord of Maha Dasha is positioned. Analyzing the position and strength of the lord in the 6th house in comparison to the Lord of Ascendant is the very next step. In general, cases, if the Lord Lagna and Ascendant are stronger than the 6th house’s Lord then the person can pull through his illness and recover from the same if there is any. Besides, it is also equally important to check the position of the planets in the 6th house along with their humor and nature of the planets residing in the 6th house. For every person, the 6th house represents the region of the stomach that comprises of intestines, abdomen, kidneys and naval.

Other facts

Every zodiac sign, house, and planet beside the constellation or the Nakshatras exhibit some hidden message about a person’s good health or bad health. Every house or bhava rules a definite part of the body. The signs also refer to the “Kaal Purush” Kundli along with the houses of the natal chart.

  • The Lagna or Aries rule the mind, head, and brain
  • The 2nd house or Taurus rules the face, nose, eyes, teeth, tongue, fingers, nails, ears, flesh and bone.
  • The 3rd house or Gemini rules the collar bone, neck, throat, hands, body growth, and breathing.
  • The 4th house or Cancer rules lungs, heart, chest, diaphragm, breast and blood.
  • The 5th house or Leo rules the mind, heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, stomach, and spleen.
  • The 6th house or Virgo rules the navels, lower abdomen, flesh, bone, mental faculties, kidneys, and anus.
  • The 7th house or Libra rules the place between the thighs and abdomen especially known as the groin, semen, uterus, ovaries, female organs, bladder, breathing, pineal gland and prostate
  • The 8th house or Scorpio rules the blood, urine, seminal vessels and external genitals.
  • The 9th house or Sagittarius rules the femoral arteries, limbs, and thighs.
  • The 10th house or Capricorn rules the bones and flesh, knees, popliteal fossae, and patella.
  • The 11th house or Aquarius rules the legs, left ear, breathing, and buttock.
  • The 12th house or Pisces rules the left eye feet and blood.


Association of Planets and its influence on Diseases

The stomach, right eye, skin, heart, bone belly, and the head are attributed to the Sun and it influences the diseases like issues in the right eye, heart disease, high fever, leprosy, bone fracture, problems with skin and stomach, diseases and troubles in the brain and internal fever.

The heart, mind, lungs blood, breast alimentary canal, left eye, lymph, intestines, kidneys and the water content in the body is attributed to the Moon. The diseases that are caused by this celestial body are diseases of breasts, mammary glands, lungs, left eye, uterus, heart, sleeplessness, diarrhea, asthma, anemia, blood poisoning, vomiting, diseases caused by water, kidney trouble, menstrual disorders and cough and cold.

Mars is related to bone marrow, blood, energy, and vitality, rectum veins, neck veins, nose and female organs. It causes the diseases like cuts and wounds, poisoning, blood pressure, itches, leprosy, diseases of the head, female organs, menstrual disorders, tumors, cancers, boils, piles, urinal disorders, chicken pox, hernia, fistula, dysentery and loss of energy.

Mercury rules the chest, nerves, spinal system, tongue, arms, hair and mouth. Diseases caused by the same are epilepsy, madness, paralysis, indigestions, ulcers, fits, cholera, vertigo, and neurofibroma.

Jupiter reigns over the brain, liver, kidney, memory, spleen and semen. The diseases caused are dyspepsia, albumin in urine, blood poisoning, lack of memory, diabetes, and jaundice, diseases of kidneys, liver, ears and lungs.

The eye-sight, luster of the body, genital organs and chin is attributed to Venus and the diseases associated with it are venereal diseases, fits, sexual trouble, fading bodily luster, diabetes, impotency, sexual troubles, gonorrhea and glandular diseases.

Saturn rules the legs, muscles, bone joints, teeth, knees, ear and spleen. It causes stomach pain, damage or loss of limbs and fracture of bones, rheumatic pains, muscle pains, mental worry and diseases of bones.

Rahu rules neck, feet, and breathing. It generally nurtures the diseases like leprosy, lung problems, difficulty in breathing and feet disease.

Feet and belly are attributed to Ketu. The diseases associated with it are fever, stomach pain, low blood pressure, problems in ear and speech, phobias and brain diseases.

The Dasha System is followed by an accurate study of the transit of all the planets mentioned above and it reveals the exact moment along with the duration of any particular disease. Also with a certain combination of planets, an astrologer will be able to gather much more information regarding the nature of the disease or the illness. An astrologer doing this work should have an in-depth knowledge of medical astrology. This field of astrology helps the people to know about the diseases that would afflict them along with its ailments and the duration of the suffering. With Acharya Ji’s grace, one will be able to bring an end to such suffering by following his solutions and remedies.

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