Are you suffering from any incurable ailment? Have the doctors clearly stated that they are helpless? Well you can very well stop worrying as you have knocked at the right door. We can provide you with a solution to all your problems in the form of medicine astrology.

Medicine Astrology which is traditionally known by the name of iatromathematics has been in practice since ancient times. The eminent sage Shri Bhrigu introduced this branch of astrology during the Vedic age. It refers to the study of causes and cure of various ailments under the influence of the twelve astrological signs and positioning of the sun, moon and other planets which deeply impact a person’s health. By using our knowledge of medicine astrology, we can pin point the diseases which you are currently suffering from or have probabilities of suffering from in future. We cannot name the disease at all times, but we can surely specify which organ of your body is vulnerable to it.

If things are not going as per your plan, if you are suffering from health problems then you have the 6TH house to blame which is the cause of all adversities in your life. Positioning of the 6TH house from the Sun, Moon and house of Maha Dasha Lord is also required to get accurate results regarding your health problem. If the Lagna lord and Ascendant is viewed to be more powerful than the lord of 6TH house, then you will recover from whatever ailment you are suffering.

  • Aries or Lagna rules the mind, head and brain.
  • Taurus or the 2nd house rules the flesh, face, eyes, bones, nose, tongue, nails, teeth, fingers and ears.
  • Gemini or the 3rd house rules the body growth, neck, throat, breathing, collar bones and hands.
  • Cancer or the 4th house rules the diaphragm, heart, blood, lungs, breast and chest.
  • Leo or the 5th house rules the heart, upper abdomen, intestines, liver, mind, spleen, gall bladder and mesentery.
  • Virgo or the 6th house rules the navel, lower abdomen, mental faculties, bones, flesh, kidneys and anus.
  • Libra or the 7th house rules the semen, groins (joint between abdomen and thighs), breathing, female organs, uterus, bladder, pineal gland, ovaries and prostate glands.
  • Scorpio or the 8th house rules the seminal vessels, external genitals, blood and urine.
  • Sagittarius or the 9th house rules the thighs, femoral arteries and limbs.
  • Capricorn or the 10th house rules the popliteal fossae, knees, patella, bones and flesh.
  • Aquarius or the 11th house rules the left ear, buttocks, legs in general and breathing.
  • Pisces or the 12th house rules the left eye, feet and blood.
  • Sun affects the left eyes in females, and right eyes in males along with spinal cord, heart, blood circulation and eyes.
  • Moon rules the uterus related problems, breast related disease, cold, kidney, pneumonia, stomach and motions.
  • Mercury rules the mouth, digestive system, speech related problems, nerves, lungs and tongue.
  • Venus rules reproductive organs, cheeks, throat, veneral diseases, neck and skin.
  • Mars rules the male reproductive organs, forehead, muscles, nose, burns, hemorrhage, cuts, injuries, fevers, accidents and suicidal tendencies.
  • Jupiter rules the buttocks, right ear, diabetes, thigh, liver, right ear, blood vessels, obesity and excess eating oriented disorders.
  • Saturn rules the bony appearance, knees, general weakness, bones, teeth, rheumatism, asthma, chronic disease, tuberculosis; lung related disease and skin related disease.
  • Uranus rules the brain’s nervous system, heart attack, artery diseases, spinal cord, unknown diseases and sudden accidents.
  • Neptune rules the bites of venomous insects or animals, psychic diseases, food poisoning, epilepsy, drowning, lunacy, conjunctivitis, drug addiction, insomnia, contagious diseases and delusions.
  • Pluto rules the diseases caused due to UV rays, atomic rays, radio-active rays, X-rays as well as venereal diseases and congenital diseases.

With our trusted client base of innumerable people who never thought they could live a normal life until they stumbled upon us, we guarantee you full satisfaction with our medicine astrology. So come and visit us; it will be worth every penny you spend.

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